180 years ago today - Mar 24, 1841

"To The Saints Abroad: The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, anxious to promote the prosperity of said church, feel it their duty to call upon the saints who reside out of this county, to make preparations to come in, without delay, This is important, and should be attended to by all who feel an interest in the prosperity of this the corner stone of Zion. Here the Temple must be raised, the University be built, and other edifices erected which are necessary for the great work of the last days; and which can only be done by a concentration of energy, and enterprise. Let it therefore be understood, that all the stakes, excepting those in this county, and in Lee county, Iowa, are discontinued, and the saints instructed to settle in this county as soon as circumstances will permit. Joseph Smith."

[Joseph Smith, City of Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill., March 24th 1841. Times and Seasons. "Truth Will Prevail." Vol. 2 No. 15, City of Nauvoo, Ill. June 1st, 1841 http://www.centerplace.org/history/ts/v2n15.htm, as quoted in The Last Days and December 1890 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, y George D. Speer Sr., privately circulated]

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