175 years ago today - Friday, Mar 27, 1846.

President Young called for the captains of fifties. No one answered; he responded to his own call. I am the captain of the first 50. Heber C. Kimball said, I am the captain of the second 50. P. P. Pratt [is captain of the] third 50, Peter Haws fourth 50, John Taylor fifth 50, and George Miller sixth 50. Up to this period the organization of this camp was very imperfect. When it was decided that the Saints would remove from Nauvoo, about 25 men were selected by the council of YTFIF [code for "Fifty"] and called captains of hundreds, whose business it was severally to select 100 families and see that they were prepared for a journey across the Rocky Mountains.

Afterward the captains of hundreds selected their own captains of fifties and tens, clerks, etc. ...

President Young was unanimously elected president over the whole camp of Israel by the council. ... President Young said from this time forth ... let every individual hereafter be called by the name that they received by adoption.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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