185 years ago today - Mar 27, 1836

The Kirtland Temple is dedicated. The doors to the temple are open at seven A.M. Joseph seats the people. Almost 1,000 enter, many others are turned away. Contributions in excess of $950 are given. At nine A.M. Sidney Rigdon opens the service and speaks for two and a half hours on the need for belief in "present revelation," at one point drawing tears from many. He says that in spite of the many houses of worship built on the earth, this is the only one built by divine revelation. Songs of hosanna are sung. The audience rises to sustain the First Presidency. The Twelve are sustained "as Prophets, Seers, Revelators, and special witnesses to all nations of the earth." The Presidents of the Seventy are sustained as "Apostles and special witnesses to the nations, to assist the Twelve in opening the Gospel kingdom among all people." Other officers are also sustained. "The vote was unanimous in every instance." (HC 2:418.) Another hymn is sung. Joseph offers thededicatory prayer, which was given by revelation. It is recorded as D&C 109.The dedication is then unanimously accepted and the Lord's Supper is administered. Others rise to speak. President Frederick G. Williams testifies that an angel entered the window. David Whitmer also testifies that he saw an angel. President Brigham Young gives a short speech in tongues, which David W. Patten interprets; Elder Patten then speaks in tongues himself. The meeting is adjourned at about four o'clock.In the evening 416 brothers meet for the ordinance of the washing of feet. George A. Smith begins to prophesy, and a noise "like the sound of a rushing mighty wind" fills the temple; all arise and feel the invisible power, and experience visions, angels, the gift of tongues. People in the neighborhood hearing unusual noises and seeing the bright light above the temple run toward it to see what is happening.

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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