165 years ago today - Mar 18, 1856

Apostle Orson Hyde refers to "the last General Epistle of Franklin Pierce, Chief Apostle of the United States of America, written to his brethren of the Senate and House of Representatives in General Conference assembled." Brigham Young's daughter Susa Young (Gates) is born in the Lion House in Salt Lake City. When hearing the baby was a girl Susa's mother, Lucy Bigelow exclames "Shucks." Zina D. Huntington Jacobs Smith Young, (also a wife of Brigham) who is assisting replies, "No! It isn't all shucks, it's wheat, and full weight too !" Susa is Brigham Young's 41st child. She enters the University of Deseret at age thirteen but is soon banished to St. George by her father for helping her sister Dora elope. Later when she is president of the Relief Society and has an office in the Church Office Building (the only woman to have one at the time) she is jokingly referred to as the "thirteenth apostle."

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