55 years ago today - Mar 29, 1966

"Brother [Ezra Taft] Benson inquired about the [scheduled John Birch Society] dinner, that in the letter that had been sent out it was announced that he would be in attendance and introduce the speaker. President [N. Eldon] Tanner said that he told Brother Benson that he could not give him any further answer than was given in the meeting on Thursday [not to speak at any more Birch meetings]. Elder Benson asked President Tanner if he would clear this matter for him with President McKay, and President Tanner had said no, that he felt that it was just as clear as anything could be."

[David O. McKay diary as referenced in Gregory A. Prince and Wm. Robert Write, David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press (2005)]

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