15 years ago today - 2006 March 12

First broadcast of HBO's Big Love, a series about Mormon fundamentalists in Utah. The LDS Church criticizes the show for not differentiating clearly between mainstream and schismatic Mormonism. An LDS Church public statement cites concerns over the program's depiction of abuse, polygamy, use of stereotypes, and television's depiction of moral and civic values in general. In March 2009, the LDS Church stated that HBO displayed insensitivity to church members by depicting simulated segments of the church's Endowment ceremony in an episode of Big Love. The church also stated that the show had continued to blur the distinction between the LDS Church and "the show's fictional non-Mormon characters."

[Wikipedia, 21st Century (Mormonism), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/21st_century_(Mormonism)]

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