175 years ago today - Sunday, Mar 1, 1846.

The first wagons leave the encampment at Sugar Creek in Iowa, headed for the Great Salt Lake Valley. Heber C. Kimball addressed the camp:

"no doubt many would be tried, but he would see the kingdom of God established and all the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of God and of his Christ. ... that we were not going out of the world, but out of his majesty's dominions. If Nauvoo has the most holy place, it will be the most wicked place. ... A plague came into our camp for disobedience when on our way to Missouri and our best men fell victims, and so it will be again under like circumstances. I want no man to touch any of my things without leave. If any man will come to me and say that he wants to steal, I will give him the amount. Cease all your loud laughter and light speeches, for the Lord is displeased with such things, and call upon the Lord with all your might.

About noon, the camp began to move ..."

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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