180 years ago today - Mar 10, 1841

[Cyrus Smalling]

"... In his [Joseph Smith's] youth, he and the whole family were money-diggers, and the first knowledge I have of him, is at Harmony, Susquehannah county, Pa. where he was translating the Book of Mormon. Soon after he was taken up and tried as an impostor ; but was cleared on account of the testimony that was given of the chests of money moving so that they could not get them. ..."

[Cyrus Smalling to Dear Sir, 10 March 1841, in E. G. Lee, The Mormons; or, Knavery Exposed (Frankford, Pennsylvania: Published by E. G. Lee; Philadelphia: George Webber and William Fenimore, 1841), 12-15., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Cyrus Smalling To Dear Sir]

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