180 years ago today - Mar 16, 1841

... Joseph Said th they wiked will Not all be Distroyed at the Coming of Christ & also there will be wiked During the Melenium --for instance Isaiah says the Days of an infant shall be as the age of a tree also Zarch.--says all who Does Not Come up year by year with their Gifts to the preasts of the tabernicle that No Rain shall fall upon them--& that Jesus will be a Resident on the Earth a thousand [years] with the Saints is Not the Case but will Raign over the saints & come Down & instruct as he Did the 5 hundrd Brethern (1st Cor. 15) & those of the first Resurrection will also Raign with him over the saints--then after the Little Season is Expired & the Earth underGoes its Last Change & is Gloryfyed then will all the meek inherit the Earth wherein Dwelleth Righteous --he says satan Cannot Seduce us by his Enticements unles we in our harts Consent & yeald--our organization such that we can Resest the Devil If we were Not organized so we would Not be free agents.

[McIntire Minute Book, in The Words of Joseph Smith by Joseph Smith by Andrew F. Ehat and Lyndon W. Cook]

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