110 years ago today - Nov 7, 1911

Mary Woolley Chamberlain, a post-Manifesto polygamous wife, is elected mayor of Kanab, Utah, with an all-female town council, the first such political event in the U.S. The next LDS woman to receive extensive publicity (New York Times) for her election as mayor is Dorothy Johnson (Appleton, WI, 1980, three terms).

LDS women mayors outside of Utah include: Faye Myers Dastrup (Ontario, CA, 1985), Lorna Kesterson (Henderson, NV, 1988), Joan Hanet Shoemaker (El Cajon, CA 1990), Ruth Luke (Choctaw, OK 1991). Utah's women mayors (primarily LDS) elected or appointed since 1911: Myrtle Y. Nixon (1951, Holden), Izetta Allred (1953, Loa), Vanda D. Hreinson (1955, Castle Gate), Irene King (1957, Boulder), Marion Ackerman (1961, Marysvale), Edna Cannon (1965, Circleville), Laurie Dea Holley (1976, Cannonville), Beulah Semmens (1976, Virgin), Inez Wilson (1977, Bluff), Vivian Crosby (1977, Bluff), Georgia R. Russell (1977, Ophir), Leah Conover (1977, Salina), Helen B. Excell (1977, Springdale), Donna Wilson (1981, Boulder), Doris Rasmussen (1981, Fillmore), Carole I. Scott (1981, Manila), Amoir Deuel (1981, Mt. Pleasant), Alexia Cooper (1981, Myton), Sue Marie Young (1981, Richfield), Sandra Armstrong (1981, Santaquin), Lola R. Morgan (1981, Washington Terrace), RoJean Addley (1983, Duchesne), Hazel Jean Robinson (1983, Paragonah), Marguerite Sweeney (1985, Castle Valley), Beverly Cannon (1985, Circleville), Ruth Hansen (1985, Delta), Marjorie May Peterson (1985, Manti), Phyllis M. Truman (1985, Minersville), Thelma A. Olsen (1985, Spring City), Connie Putnam (1987, Randolph), Kristin C. Lambert (1988, West Jordan), Elaine J. Barnes (1989, Alpine), Julee C. Lyman (1989, Boulder), Lorna B. Stapley (1989, Koosharem), Patricia J. Braegger (1989, Providence), Kathleen Browning (1989, Roy), Marie W. Huff (1989, Spanish Fork), Delora P. Bertelsen (1989, Springville), Janet Hansen (1989, Torrey), Sue Critchlow (1989, Wellington), Cosetta Castagno (1989, Vernon), Rught P. Maughan (1989, Wellsville), Connie Dubinsky (1991, Levan), Joyce Johnson (1991, Orem), Stella Welch (1991, Orem), Dee Dee Corradini (1991, Salt Lake City), Carolyn S. Larkin (1992, Snowville), Patsy Hosey (1992, Virgin), Geraldine Rankin (1993, Big Water), Valli D. Smouse (1993, Castle Valley), Martha Spoor (1993, Cedar Hills), Priscilla A. Todd (1993, Centerville), Elaine Redd (1993, Draper), Valerie Hopper (1993, Elsinore), Judy Ann Scott (1993, Logan), Mary G Wiseman (1993, Milford), Barbara U. Vanderhoof (1993, Plymouth), Sandra N. Lloyd (1993, Riverton), Carol Bellmon (1993, Sunset), Joy Henderlider (1993, Virgin), Brenda Morgan (1993, Wendover), Flora A. Lamborn (1994, Randolph), Elaine M. Baldwin (1995, Panguitch) (and many since).

Although Utah's male voters have often elected women to executive office on a local level, there has been no woman governor and only one lieutenant-governor.

[The Mormon Hierarchy - Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn, [New Mormon History database (http://bit.ly/NMHdatabase)]]

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