80 years ago today - Nov 14, 1941

[Marion G. Romney]

Met this morning at 8:00 o'clock with the Friday morning welfare meeting. At this meeting was President Clark. He broke into the business of the meeting stating that he was trying to keep

himself form getting excited but while he might forgive he could not forget that under the leadership of a group of men who had no concern for the future of our people, Salt Lake City was becoming the center of one of the most heavily fortified areas in the United States, 'Fort Douglas on the east, the Ordnance Plant west of the city, the bombing fields our west of Tooele, and now the government is talking of putting $24,000,000 in igloos for the storing of ammunition near the airport.

He remarked that this group was headed by the Governor, H. B. Maw. He further stated that he could not help but feel that we are facing difficult times, that it looked very much like the President was going to take over all key industries in the country and he, President Clark, had a feeling that labor was cooperating by creating situations which seem to force the President's hand. The advice given in this meeting was that we urge our people to stay on their farms and in their permanent jobs and not to flock to defense industries for work.

[The Diaries of J. Reuben Clark, 1933-1961, Abridged, Digital Edition, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015, Appendix 2, The Diaries of Marion G. Romney, 1941-1961, Abridged]

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