135 years ago today - Thursday, Nov 18, 1886

[John Henry Smith]

It seems that word had leaked out a Bishop was to be ordained and two letters were written to me objecting [to] the parties named. I adjourned the meeting, granting time for any to withdraw who might desire to do so. Our meeting was again opened with prayer and I read from the Doctrine and Covenants whose right it was to nominate a Bishop.

I put each man separate and two received a unanimous vote and four votes were given against Wm. Thomas on the ground that too many of a kind would not work good together. A good spirit prevailed. I gave the parties some instruction and then Bro. R. L. Bybee and I laid our hands upon the heads of them and ordained them, I being mouth in each case.

[Jean Bickmore White (editor), Church, State, and Politics: The Diaries of John Henry Smith, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1990, http://bit.ly/johnhenrysmith]

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