165 years ago today - Nov 18, 1856

[Hosea Stout]

[Regarding the hardcart company rescue] ... Soon they began to come in some in wagons, some on horses some on foot, while some. hed to be lead or carried on the backs of men.

This presented a sad sight to see men women & children thinly clad poor and worn out with hunger & fatigue trudging along in this dreary country facing a severe snow storm and the wind blowing hard in their face.

The wagons could not accommodate the half of those not able to walk. Many were sick and many frosted and some severely. G. D. Grant when he met them left a company of 20 men at the Devils Gate at an abandoned Station where he left a very great portion of the loading of the ox train besides wagons, Hand Carts, and worn out cattle and horses, with provisions to winter them. The snow storm increased all evening but the tents were reared and the poor sick saints hand many of them to be carried in.

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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