125 years ago today - Nov 19, 1896

"The quorum met in the Historian's Office to consider the case of [apostle] Moses Thatcher. He had been notified that a meeting would be held there to consider and take action on his case. ... He has expressed himself that he would fight the encroachments of the Church and protect the youth from its tyranny. What influence can he have to inspire the young men with faith in divine institutions? He professes to believe in the divinity of the Church and then pours into doubting minds the suspicion that the prophets of God would be tyrants and abusers of power! It was unanimously resolved that his priesthood and apostleship be taken from him. This was sent to the news and published."

[Diary of Apostle Anthon H. Lund, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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