175 years ago today - Nov 2, 1846

[Orson Hyde to Parley P. Pratt]

Bro. Pratt.

The Spirit whispereth me that you are preaching things in Manchester which you ought not. The union of man and wife hereafter, or if they are dissatisfied with their bound present companions they are not ^ to be united for Eternity, but are at liberty to choose others.

I hope I am mistaken but I fear I am not. It is the spirit of lust that teaches the above doctrine ... I hope that such teachings may not call forth a rebuke through

the [church newspaper] Star - yet a continuation of them surely will do it. I am determined to put my foot upon every thing of the sort while here without respect of persons. We do know better than to teach the above things, for they will lead every little upstart, both male and female to desires another companion. It is opening the very floodgates of sensuality and lust, and the church in this coun try will be carried away in the streams of corruption which such teachings will gender.



(Monday Morning after an interesting dream it---}

Your Bro. in Christ

Orson Hyde

[Letter: Orson Hyde to Parley P. Pratt]

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