190 years ago today - About November 1, 1831

Revelation received, "the written Testimony of the Twelve for the Doctrine and Covenants" which was "signed by thirteen priesthood holders, most signing after November 1831. John Whitmer copied five additional names on to the testimony manuscript ... none of the eleven witnesses of the Book of Mormon signed this testimony document. Some of the witnesses—Joseph Smith Sr., Hyrum Smith, Martin Harris, Hiram Page and Samuel Smith—were not in attendance for the meetings in November 1831 when this revelation was recorded. Other Book of Mormon witnesses—Peter Whitmer Jr, Christian Whitmer, David Whitmer, John Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery—were in attendance for these November meetings, but did not sign the testimony." The 1835 D&C version has ten words missing from the original.

[Joe Geisner, http://www.xmission.com/~research/mormonpdf/closer.pdf]

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