190 years ago today - Nov 11, 1831

Revelation indicated that there were to be presidents over each priesthood office in the church and that the men in each office were to be organized into quorums of twelve deacons, twenty-four teachers, forty-eight priests; and ninety-six elders. "It must needs be that one be appointed of the high Priesthood to preside over the priesthood and he shall be called President of the high priesthood of the Church; or, in other words the presiding high Priest over the high priesthood of the Church." (Kirtland Revelation Book, 84-86, Church Archives; corresponds to D&C 107:60-92, 99-100)

[Lisle G Brown, compiler, "Organizational Chronology of The Church of Christ, and The Church of the Latter Day Saints, 1829 - 1836"]

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