125 years ago today - Dec 17, 1896; Thursday

John Taylor to come to Logan after the dedication of the Temple. He did so, and found Brother Taylor at Brother Thatcher's house. Pres[ident]. Taylor saw him coming, went out and met him on the porch, and told him he had decided to appoint him to take charge of the Temple, but that Brother Thatcher had opposed the appointment, and had also opposed his appointment as President of the Stake. Pres[ident]. Taylor said that Brother Thatcher's opposition was very pronounced, but that all the rest of the brethren agreed in the appointment. But in consequence of Brother Thatcher's opposition, Pres[ident]. Taylor went before the Lord privately and laid the matter before Him, and the Lord told him that Brother Merrill was the man. The voice was "still and small", leaving Pres[ident]. Taylor somewhat in doubt. On enquiring again, it spoke Brother Merrill's name in a sharp voice which penetrated his very soul. This Pres[ident]. Taylor said, freed him entirely from doubt, and he told Brother Merrill "You are the man to take charge of the Temple, notwithstanding Brother Thatcher's opposition to it". ...

Pres[ident]. ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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