185 years ago today - Dec 22, 1836

A special conference is called in Kirtland as a result of the financial embarrassment of the Saints in Kirtland. The branches abroad are instructed not to send only the poor people to Kirtland, for they have no monies with which to pay for things. The gathering to Kirtland is stopped, and donations and monies are requested from the other branches. At this time large tracts of land in Kirtland have been purchased and planned into lots. The long-range plan is for a large city. A printing establishment, sawmill, and tannery have been founded, all of which prove to be unprofitable. And the only people coming into Kirtland seem to be the poor converts, who only add to the problems of the Church. [The Kirtland Saftey Society bank venture contributes to the financial issues.]

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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