130 years ago today - Dec 31, 1891

"This is the end of the Great eventful year as some have choosed to call it, and as many have been looking for many years, some wiseacres have even boldly asserted and even prophesied that Christ would come and that the Saints would controll all the Kingdoms of the Earth, and some have written and published Books with diagrams showing the great Image that Daniel refers to, and have calculated as they thought to a nicety the Times, time, and half times, etc., etc., etc., and have set forth startling things to come to pass, which has all proved that they with all their learning and vast researches knew nothing about the set times of the Great Eternal. The only remarkable thing that has occurred this year is the suppression of the Revelation on celestial Marriage by the Heads of the Church. And for how long I know not."

[Larson and Larson, Diary of Charles L. Walker, p.731 http://rationalfaiths.com/even-fifty-six-years-wind-scene/, in The Last Days and December 1890 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, y George D. Speer Sr., privately circulated]

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