165 years ago today - Dec 29, 1856

I went to President Youngs office with Elder Snow. We there found him & H C. Kimball & O Hyde. I Wilford Woodruff told President Brigham Young that we had drawn up a few lines for the presidents of the seventies to sign. I also said to him that I would not ask my brethren to do what I was not willing to do myself and inasmuch as I received my Apostleship from your hands I now surrender it unto you & throw myself into your hands & if their is any other hands man in Israel that you think will fill that place better than I do I will freely take it & not complain about it. Elder Lorenzo Snow said the same thing to President Young. Also did Elder Orson Hyde.

President Young said as for you Brother Woodruff & Brother Snow I have never [known] you when you felt the responsibility of your Apostleship or was as well qualifyed to magnify your Callings as at the present time. But as for you Brother Hyde I will say if you do not magnify your Callings Better than you have done I shall object to your standing whare you do if nobody els does for you have not had the spirit of your Calling upon you. You have been trying to build yourself up & not the kingdom of God.

I remarked yes Brother Hyde the quorum of the Twelve feel this & have felt it for [a] good while. We want you to take hold & lead as you are our President. We want a leader & if you will magnify your Calling we will be with you.

President Young made some remarks about Orson Pratt & said if he did not take a diferent Course in his Phylosophy & order of reasening he would not stay long in this Church. He made other remarks.

I arose to go out. Brother Brigham said Brother Woodruff whare are you going? Come dont be in a hurry. I shall be Jealeous of you. Does not the spirit of God dwall here? I want men to stop here who has the spirit of God. It rests me. I am Crowded all day with men & things which makes me weary. ...

Then with O Hyde & L Snow I went to the 70" Hall & found the House full & F D Richards making 4 of the Twelve, we Called upon the seventies to speak or the Presidents. They all spoke & was followed by the Twelve who had much of the spirit & power of God & gave much good instruction. We still expressed our feelings to the Presidents of the 70" about surrendering their presidency to the Presidency of the Church.

[Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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