140 years ago today - Dec 4, 1881

[John Taylor's Interview with Abraham O. Smoot]

John Taylor: Brother Smoot, did you see on the top of a hill, in a place called Adam-ondi-Ahman, the remains of what Joseph Smith said had been an altar built by Adam, upon which he offered


Abraham Smoot: Yes, sir. I first saw it in 1837, and the spring of 1838, when assisting to survey the town called by that name.

John Taylor: What was the condition of the stones of which the altar had been built?

Abraham Smoot: I remember well. The stones which lay scattered around looked as though they had been torn from a wall.

John Taylor: Yes, my remembrance is too that the stones were scattered as you say they were, having no particular form, except in one place. You remarked that you helped to make the survey; and prior to this particular conversation, you told me that you assisted in making an excavation.

Abraham Smoot: Yes, sir. I helped to excavate around the base of the altar, some 2 to 3 feet, and from 6 to 8 feet in length, which was sufficient to thoroughly satisfy us that the foundation of the wall was still there.

John Taylor: Did you examine the wall further at any later period?

Abraham Smoot: No, sis; but we intended to do so after the war, or as some called it, the "Mormon War," was over. The opportunity, however, to do so did not present itself afterwards.

John Taylor: Do you know the name of the hill where the Altar was?

Abraham Smoot: I do not recollect that. I will say that I heard Joseph say that it was the remains of an altar built by Adam; and that he offered sacrifice on it, and called his family and blessed them there.

John Taylor: That was on the point of the hill that formed a curvature?

Abraham Smoot: Yes, sir. And that point commanded a beautiful view of the country.

[John Taylor's Interview with Abraham O. Smoot on December 4, 1881]

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