175 years ago today - Dec 13, 1846

President Brigham Young gave the council instructions and in fact reproved them & the Bishops quite sharply for their negligence in not attending to the duty of their office and for working on the Sabath &c, and ordered the following items of business to be attended to forthwith

That map of the city be procured by the next session for the clerk of this council

That the Clerk keep a regular list of the Bishops of the different wards & the wards over which they act.

That the Bishops meet with the Council once a week to receive instruction

That the Council watch over the Bishops with a fatherly care and see that they organize and watch over their respetive Wards and see that none suffer

That the Council instruct the Bishops to have meetings in their several Wards for the men women & children once a week also to instruct them to have schools in their Wards.

He stated that he wanted the Twelve, the Council, & Bishops to search this place as with a lighted candle in their hands and put down all iniquity &c

He had an uncommon portion of the Holy spirit resting down upon him.& was filled with the sublime views of rolling forth this great and mighty work and if the council and Bishops will abide his advice a great and good work will soon be done here

[Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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