175 years ago today - Sunday, Dec 13, 1846.

[Willard Richards]

President Young stated to the assembly that there was no occasion for grumbling, or Quorum of the Twelve explaining among the sisters whose husbands are in the army because they got no more money, for their dear husbands had only sent them about [$]5,000 when they received [$]22,000, and ought to have received it all. That the council had sent C[?] all the way to Santa Fe, and the Battalion had sent only [$]5,000, showing that they had kept about three-fourths of their money for the grog shop. [?] thinking more of them than they did of their dear wives and children would not have been received [?] the Camp of Israel, and what little they have got, if it had not have been for the Twelve, who receive nothing for their trouble or expense in the first payment and now they are going to help themselves.

President Young then spoke. ... The bishops ought to be able to give a description what every man does in the camp. When the bishops and high council don't do their duty, report them and we will deal with them by the high council. You can lead a man to do his duty, see that every man, woman, and child has something to eat. Now go to work and organize your bishops. ...

President Young wishes the 12 high council[men] and 22 bishops to bring one log a piece, 25 feet long, and he would have them put up into a house. Voted that the hands be raised to complete the [mill] race. President Young will have the house built close to his. Voted that every third man be drafted. ...

The Twelve remained in council for about an hour afterwards. Brother Luke Johnson was also with them and stated that all but one who were engaged in mobbing, tarring, and feathering Joseph and Sidney in the town of Hiram, Portage County, New York, had come to some untimely end, and the survivor, Carnot Mowen, had been severely afflicted and was the one who dragged Joseph out of the house by his hair. Dr. Denison prepared the vial for Joseph, supposed to be aqua fortis.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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