185 years ago today - Dec 1, 1836

Patriarchal Blessing of Elisha Wright given by Joseph Smith, Sr. ... Thou mayest be a special witness to many nations, may sail in Ships and preach the gospel to their crews. All this thou mayest do by being faithful and claiming the priesthood. Thou shalt have the power of God sealed upon thee. Thou shalt have power over unclean spirits, power over sickness, shalt command the destroyer to stand back say Satan get hence, power to preach in tongues and interpret languages. power to open the heavens, power to stand in the midst of Judgements, stand in courts.

thou shalt have power to translate thyself like Enoch, power over fires & flood power to instruct the Saints and bring them to Zion, power over the treasures of the earth, have powers of mind and powers of the body shall stand on Mount Zion with the one hundred & forty four thousand and sing their Song. ... If thou art faithful thou shalt have all things of heaven and earth, shalt see the end of this generation, see the tribes enter Zion and see Jesus come in the clouds of heaven. ... by the authority of the holy priesthood I seal thee up unto eternal life. Amen

[Patriarchal Blessing Book 1:97-98, in Early Patriarchal Blessings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Joseph Smith Sr. (Author), H. Michael Marquardt (Editor), http://amzn.to/rCBHVe]

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