175 years ago today - Feb 5, 1847

Patriarch "Father John Smith" sends an invitation to the Twelve to attend the "Silver Gray Picnic." The Silver Grays "consisted of all the old men in the Camp of Israel over 50 years of age. . . . The quorum of the Twelve met with them at the opening of the meeting. Remarks were made by President [Brigham} Young. A Hymn was sung after which they feasted together and then they went forth in the dance praising God in their hearts." Brigham Young writes of this in his journal, "dance all night, if you desire to do so, for there is no harm in it. . . .The center of the floor was then cleared for the dance when the 'Silver Grays' and spectacled dames enjoyed themselves in the dance, it was indeed an interesting and novel sight, to behold the old men and women, some nearly an hundred years old, dancing like ancient Israel."

John D. Lee records in his journal "About 9 I was washed in salaratus and water from head to foot, afterward in spirits, then anointed in like manner by Louisa [Wife No. 3] and Rachel [Wife No. 6] (as I told them) preparatory to my burial. They both were very kind and attentive to me."

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