175 years ago today - Friday, Feb 5, 1847.

[Willard Richards]

Brother [Heber C.] Kimball said he dreamed last night that he had a sieve and went to a clear stream of water. Went to put in his net with poles and last pole stuck. Fish began to run in. When got on stone, then came two loaves, and [the] net was so full as you might walk on, and they did not stop to go in at the door, but run over the net and filled it full by thousands and thousands from every quarter. When we wanted fish, went with an ax and knocked them on the head. I was a fish and expected every minute to be knocked on the head by William Clayton, who knocked me three times [but] did not hurt me. [I] thought I would make my will. Jumped up, shook hands with my wife, thought I would make my will, told her my time had come, and awoke....

President Young told a dream, that he had been chased by officers and ran north, but as they had got Taylor, Pratt, and Woodruff, he would go back and die, and preached to them, etc.

... Dr. [Richards] repeated Eldridge Tuft's vision ...

Voted that the money last sent by the Battalion to the council shall be given up to the sisters so far as they need it and call for it; it appears to have been designed for the sisters. Also voted that the same funds come into the hands of President Young and be paid out by him at his discretion.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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