165 years ago today - Apr 24, 1858-25

Gov. Cumming, responding to the popular notion of extreme tyranny in Utah, offered to assist those who "considered themselves unlawfully restrained of their liberties." His notice was read in the Tabernacle on the 25th. Only 56 men, 33 women and 71 children responded. They wanted to leave "from a desire to improve their circumstances, and realize elsewhere more money by their labor." Mormon leaders pledged their assistance in leaving the territory.

[Cumming's account: Mormon Resistance, 307-308; also, Normon F. Furniss, The Mormon Conflict, 1850-1859 [Yale University Press, 1960] 187; Hale, Van, Mormon Miscellaneous, Utah War Chronology, http://www.mormonmiscellaneous.com/utahwar/id2.html]

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