180 years ago today - Apr 25, 1843

[William Clayton]

Went to see Pres. Joseph. Scovil & other Masons came to see him concerning Sherwood who was threatening revenge on Hyrum. Joseph said if Sherwood injured Hyrum he would curse him. It was told Joseph that Grand Master Nye was dead upon which he made these remarks. 'When Nye was here and trying to pull me by the nose & trample on me I enquired of the Lord if I was to be led by the nose and cuffed about by such a man'. I received for answer -'wait a minute-'. Nye is dead and any man or mason who attempts to ride me down and oppress me will run against the boss of Jehovahs buckler and will quickley be moved out of the way.-| Concerning the opposition Lodge he said 'they will do us all they can let them go ahead' he gave us to understand that trouble would be the result of a division of the Lodge.

[The Nauvoo Diaries of William Clayton, 1842-1846, Abridged, Digital Edition, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

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