180 years ago today - Apr 2, 1843

In April of 1843, the Prophet told Benjamin F. Johnson "that he would preach a sermon that day for me, which I would understand, while the rest of the congregation would not comprehend his meaning. His subject was the ten talents spoken of by the Savior, 'unto him that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundantly, but from that hath not (or will not receive) shall be taken away that which he hath, (or might have had.)' Plainly giving me to understand that the talents represented wives and children as the principle of enlargement throughout the great future, to those who were heirs of Salvation".

[Note in the revelation on Celestial Marriage (D&C 132) there are various phrases taken from the parable of the talents such as in D&C 132:44.

Joseph Smith would marry Johnson's sister Almera the next day.]

[Joseph Smith on the Parable of the Talents]

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