185 years ago today - 1838: 8 April

[Patriarchal Blessing]

Cyrene Dustin. (Given by Joseph Smith, Sen.)

"O God the Eternal father I ask in the name of Jesus Christ wilt thou have mercy on this thy hand maid take her way into thy hands and deliver her from the power of Satan who had sought her destruction and smitten her with infirmity yea he has even as it were seized upon her vitals to hinder her usefulness and destroy her from the face of the earth Deliver her O God from his devises and from every species of infirmity Deliver her from the grasp of wicked and ungodly men for she is in the Slippery paths of youth and many will be the snarls set to ensnare her feet. ... I lay mine hands on they head and I say unto thee thou shalt be secured against the destroyer Satan shall not overthrow thee the power of diseases shall be broken off thy system shall be renovated by the healing power of the Spirit of God ... thy tongue shall be loosed thou shalt sing the songs of Zion [sing in tongues] and speak in tongues and have the interpretation thereof thou shalt prophecy and see visions the Glory of God shall shine round about thee and thine heart ... and thy fingers even the fingers which thou now hast on thy hands shall be engaged in sewing the veils of the great Temple which is to be built in Zion in this generation ... I seal these blessings on thy head and seal thee up to Eternal life in the name of Jesus Christ and by this Authority of my office according to the will of my heavenly Father even so Amen."

[From typescript, William Smith Blessing Book, Theodore A. Schroeder Collection, June 1845-April, 1846, Mss 78, Wisconsin State Historical Society; Copy in RLDS Archives) John O. Angus listed as recorder in William Smith Blessing Book, in Selected LDS Patriarchal Blessings, New Mormon Studies CD ROM, Signature Book, 2009, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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