70 years ago today - Apr 13, 1953

"For the Benson machine," Time magazine reported, "prayer is the basic fuel." "He spends as much time on his knees as he does on his feet," one associate observed. Benson also removed all ash trays from his and adjacent offices--or converted them into containers for paper clips and other small objects--and by his example discouraged smoking in departmental meetings. Benson's daily work schedule as secretary did not differ much from his routine as an apostle and earlier.

["Apostle at Work,” Time, April 13, 1953, 26; and "Secretary Benson Rearranges Things.”; Gary James Bergera, '"Rising above Principle": Ezra Taft Benson as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 1953-61, Part 1', Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought (Fall 2008, v 41)]

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