70 years ago today - Apr 9, 1953

Through the influence of J. Willard Marriott, Thomas Stuart Ferguson meets with the First Presidency and other invited General Authorities. He appeales to them for Church funds to continue the work of New World Archaeological Foundation, $15,000 to finish out the current year and $120,000 to cover the next four years Near the end of the presentation, Ferguson told the assembled Church leaders that he "had prayed to [the] Lord & asked him to stop me if it weren't his will that we go forward." At this point President David O. McKay replied with a smile, "Brother Ferguson, you're a hard man to stop" The next day Ferguson writes a letter to the First Presidency reminding them that "the priceless artifacts of Book of Mormon people" would assist in the missionary program and would publicize the Book of Mormon to the world. A week later, President Ruben J. Clark replies with a partially favorable decision: the Church would con' tribute $15,000 to Ferguson for the present year only, with the condition that "no publicity whatever in any way or at any time" be given to this private donation.

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