115 years ago today - Aug 22, 1897

[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...

Statement of Miss /Mary/ [handwritten insert] Alice Woodruff Note made on Sunday evening, August 22nd, 1897.

About seven o'clock this evening, whilst I was lying on my bed, my father and mother and members of the family were out on the porch, Bro. Wm. McEwan was sitting near the bed. Bro. Louis Cannon, Edward Jenkins, Libbie Cutler, Joseph and Blanch Daynes called in to see me, they only stayed a few minutes, saying they were willing to help me all they could, but as all arrangements were made for my comfort, they said they would pray for me. As they left, I felt very sad with a feeling that I would never see them again, so I commenced to cry bitterly. William endeavored to comfort me with encouraging words. As he was talking I beheld a brilliant light, which frightened me. I held on to William and called "father, father." I then saw a most glorious personage standing near the foot of the bed, his feet were off the floor. On my calling for father, Will went out passing by this personage, almost touching his clothing, and father and the family came in. I motioned them all to go out but father as I thought he might also see this personage as I did. I sat up in my bed, quite awake, he stretched out his arms over my head and said in a distinct but under tone of voice, "The Lord has sent me to bless you, you shall be healed from this time forth. The Lord seals his blessings upon you." He then came to the side of the bed and said I must go to the Temple and there I should receive something (I have forgotten what it was I should receive) and further said the prayers of the circles in the heavens have been heard in your behalf, and the prayers of the circles here upon the earth, also the prayers of the saints have been heard; that I should stay here and be blessed in my life; that I should have joy and pleasure in my union, be blessed as a mother, having posterity. Said you are a daughter of Israel and shall stand as a representative in your father's kingdom. The Lord will give you health and strength and bless you so that you may love him and keep his commandments, for a great work is before you and he expects a great deal from you. I was so overjoyed I could not speak, I tried to do so but could not. He said many other things for my comfort and consolation, and just before leaving he stretched his hands over my head again and referred to my Temple work and blessed me saying: "The Lord will bless you with health and strength and make you well and strong, and he expects you to spend your strength in doing his will, I therefore bless you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. He then put his hands together in front of his face and dropped them down to his hips. I then saw him rise up to near the chandelier and pass out going towards the hall and thence towards the dining hall. I was so overjoyed I cried for joy. As soon as I could speak from crying and sobbing I related to father what I had seen as I did not know whether it was proper to speak of it or not; but I felt so overjoyed at such a manifestation and have felt so ever since that I can scarcely contain myself. All my pains ceased immediately. I felt like I could get out of my bed well and strong, like I was completely restored to health. I partook of some food with a relish.

This personage was the most beautiful man I ever saw. He had long hair and beard, was dressed in a white under garment, then a kind of skirt and something like a robe over his right shoulder, which was drawn across his breast and fastened on the left side about the waist. He had a small white bag trimmed with gold attached to his girdle, and had a small gold like book in his hand, which seemed to be transparent. I did not see any leaves, but I thought I could see print or writing in the book. His head was bare and a circle of light around it. His feet and hands were also bare.

About half an hour before this manifestation Bros. John R. Winder and James Sharp, father, Andrew Smith and Will administered to me. Bro. Winder anointed me and Bro. Sharp prayed. He seemed to be peculiarly wrought upon. He blessed me promising that I should be restored to health and strength, &c. Whilst they were doing this I did not seem to feel their hands on my head, but I felt so well under their administration...

[Source: Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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