160 years ago today - Aug 29, 1852 (Afternoon)

[Brigham Young Discourse] While the sacrament is passing, I will take the liberty of making a few remarks. Some truth has been referred to here, from the stand, with regard to the congregation. ....      You Elders of Israel, do you know whether these doctrines were borne off by you and others triumphantly? They have been successful among every people, nation, and kindred, and tongue, wherever they have been proclaimed. These doctrines are beyond the power of controversy and doubt; no caviller could confute or present the least argument which would prove successful in overthrowing the principles taught by the Elders of Israel. Brother Joseph introduced a great many new doctrines. ....   You heard brother Pratt state, this morning, that a revelation would be read this afternoon, which was given previous to Joseph's death. It contains a doctrine a small portion of the world is opposed to; but I can deliver a prophecy upon it. Though that doctrine has not been practised by the Elders, this people have believed in it for years. The original copy of this revelation was burnt up. William Clayton was the man who wrote it from the mouth of the Prophet. In the meantime, it was in Bishop Whitney's possession. He wished the privilege to copy it, which brother Joseph granted. Sister Emma burnt the original. The reason I mention this is because that the people who did know of the revelation suppose it is not now in existence. The revelations will be read to you. The principle spoken upon by brother Pratt, this morning, we believe in. and I tell you'"for I know it'"it will sail over and ride triumphantly above all the prejudice and priestcraft of the day; it will be fostered and believed in by the more intelligent portion of the world as one of the best doctrines ever proclaimed to any people. Your hearts need not beat; you need not think that a mob is coming here to tread upon the sacred liberty which the Constitution of our country guarantees unto us, for it will not be. The world have known, long ago, even in brother Joseph's days, that he had more wives than one. One of the Senators in Congress knew it very well. Did he oppose it? No, but he has been our friend all the day long, especially upon that subject. He said pointedly to his friends, '"If the United States do not adopt that very method'"let them continue as they now are'"pursue the precise course they are now pursuing, and it will come to this'"that their generations will not live until they are 30 years old. They are going to destruction; disease is spreading so fast among the inhabitants of the United States, that they are born rotten with it, and in a few years they are gone.'" Said he, '"Joseph has introduced the best plan for restoring and establishing strength and long life among men, of any man on earth; and the Mormons are a very good and virtuous people.'" Many others are of the same mind, they are not ignorant of what we are doing in our social capacity. They have cried out, '"Proclaim it.'" But it would not do, a few years ago; everything must come in its time, as there is a time to all things. I am now ready to proclaim it. This revelation has been in my possession many years; and who has known it? None but those who should know it. I keep a patent lock on my desk, and there does not anything leak out that should not. It pleases me a little to think how anxious this people are for new revelation. ...  I leave these remarks with you, and we will now have the revelation read. (Elder Thomas Bullock then read the revelation [D&C 132]. [Journal of Discourses. Liverpool, England, 1853-86. 6:277-283; Deseret News Extra. 9/14/52, 22-26]

[Source: The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009)]

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