25 years ago today - Aug 28, 1987

[Capital Punishment] Lethal injection was introduced in Utah with the death of Pierre Dale Selby, on 28 August 1987. He was sentenced to die for killing three people in Ogden's HiFi Shop thirteen years earlier, and was the second black to be executed in Utah. Also two Hispanics and two Indians have been executed; all the others have been white men. Of the forty-seven executed men, twenty-five were non-Mormons, and eight Mormons; the religion of fourteen could not be specifically ascertained. The ages of those executed ranged from eighteen to sixty-four years of age--the age of John D. Lee when he was executed after being returned to the scene of the Mountain Meadows Massacre for execution, twenty years after the crime occurred.

[Source: Utah History Encyclopedia: Capital Punishment, http://www.media.utah.edu/UHE/c/CAPITOLPUN.html]

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