155 years ago today - Aug 30, 1857

With Johnston's army approaching Utah to install federally appointed territorial officials Heber C. Kimball preaches: "You ladies, too, will certainly have to do your part, or back out. I told you last Sunday to arm yourselves; and if you cannot do it any other way, sell some of your fine bonnets, fine dresses, and buy yourselves a good dirk, a pistol, or some other instrument of war. Arm your boys and arm yourselves universally, and that, too, with the weapons of war; for we may be brought to the test, to see if we will stand up to the line. . . . Can you live your religion, except you do as you are told? I have said, again and again, that if we live our religion, and do as we are. told, those men will never come over those mountains; for we shall slay the poor devils before they get there. I do not know of any religion, except doing as I am told . . . I have acknowledged myself as one of the people; and now I say, we will take our own name, and we will not be false-named any more. We are the Kingdom of God; we are STATE or DESERET; and we will have you, brother Brigham, as our Governor just so long as you live. We will not have any other Governor."

[Source: Advent Adam website (defunct) - based on http://amzn.to/originsofpower]

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  1. The correct source for this quote is JOD 5:162-164.


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