100 years ago today - May 11, 1913

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Joseph Fielding Smith Jr. by Joseph D. Smith on May 11, 1913]

... You have been greatly blessed in your birthright, and you were called and ordained before you came in the flesh, as an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, to represent his work in the earth. ... You have never known the time when you did not believe and feel within your very bones that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and that his mission was divine.

You have been blessed with ability to comprehend, to analyze, and defend the principles of truth above many of your fellows, and the time will come when the accumulative evidence that you have gathered will stand as a wall of defense against those who are seeking and will seek to destroy the evidence of the divinity of the mission of the Prophet Joseph; and in this defense you will never be confounded .... And you will indeed stand in the midst of this people a prophet and a revelator to them, for the Lord has blessed you and ordained you to this calling, and it will come upon you as naturally as the night shall follow the day.

.... Your counsels will be considered conservative and wise ...

[Source: Patriarchal Blessings]

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  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2013

    The Joseph D. Smith mentioned above was Joseph Daniel Smith (Born May 6, 1846 in Essex, England; Died Feb.14, 1935 in Fillmore, Utah. No relation to JFS, Jr.


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