170 years ago today - May 29, 1843

[Anointed Quorum] 9 a.m. prayer circle of same men at Smith's old home, "when Joseph instructed us further in principles pertaining to the holy Priesthood" . Joseph Smith "sealed" for time and eternity the following couples: Hyrum Smith and his deceased wifeJerusha Barden Smith (by proxy), Hyrum Smith and his present wife Mary Fielding Smith. Hyrum Smith sealed Brigham Young and his deceased wife Miriam Works Young (by proxy), Brigham Young and his present wife Mary Ann Angel Young, Willard and Jennetta Richards, and Mercy Rachel Fielding Thompson and her deceased husband Robert B. Thompson (by proxy). (claimed that Newel K. Whitney and wife Elizabeth Ann were also sealed on this occasion).

[Source: Quinn, D. Michael, The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, Signature Books, 1994, Appendex: Meetings and Initiations of the Anointed Quorum, 1842-45, http://amzn.to/origins-power]

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