110 years ago today - Jan 25, 1911; Wednesday

[Anthony Ivins]

This evening I called upon Nora Cowley. She says she was married in Canada by a Patriarch. He was sick in bed & not expected to live. Bro. [Matthias F.] Cowley took her to the house and went in leaving her on the outside & told the wife of the sick man he wished a private interview with her husband. The woman went out & Nora entered. The Patriarch was propped up in his bed with bandages around his head. He spoke in a voice so low that she could not hear a word he said. Bro. Cowley told her when to say yes. After the man finished she asked Bro. Cowley if that was all he said.Yes. She thought it a singular way to get married. Later Bro. C. warned her to be careful to not violate the covenants she had entered into, she said she had made no covenants and called attention to the fact that she did not hear a word of what he said (the Patriarch). .

[Anderson, Elizabeth Oberdick, editor, Cowboy Apostle: The Diaries of Anthony W. Ivins: 1875-1932, Signature Books, Salt Lake City in association with the Smith-Pettit Foundation (2013) - http://bit.ly/AnthonyIvins]

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