125 years ago today - Jan 27, 1896

... met Mr. Charles S. Morton, representing Mr. Charles Crittenton, the New York Evangelist, who was engaged in the rescue of fallen women. They desired the use of the Assembly Hall or Tabernacle for a meeting on Wednesday evening. After listening to the remarks of Mr. Morton, permission was granted and also to pass around printed slips among the congregation, on which they might subscribe as the pleased or not to assist in the work of rescue. Mr. Morton related the particulars of his conversion and reform as a drunkard, morphine fiend and tobacco user. He had sunk so low in debauchery that he had determined upon committing suicide, but was attracted into a Gospel meeting in Philadelphia [Pennsylvania], where he was led to seek the Lord. Through faith the Almighty took away from him entirely the appetite for intoxicants and morphine, and subsequently for tobacco, for neither of which he had had the slightest desire ever since,'a period of about four years. Mr. Morton stated that after Mr. Mills the Evangelist had visited Salt Lake City and held his meetings here, he met Mr. Crittenton in the East, and said that neither the nation nor the religionists understood the Mormon people. They had been much misrepresented and he was very favorably impressed with them and their treatment of him during his visit. Pres[iden]t. George Q. Cannon explained to Mr. Morton the views of the Church in relation to the association of the sexes, their doctrine of marriage, their self-restraint and observance of the word of wisdom, for which Mr. Morton praised God.

[Journal History, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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