125 years ago today - Jan 26, 1896; Sunday

[Heber J. Grant]

At one attended my prayer circle in the Temple. At two attended meeting in the Tabernacle. I did not feel much like talking, but Pres[iden]t A[ngus] M Cannon suggested that I talk. I pointed to Brother Brigham H. Roberts, who was on the stand for the first time in a long while and suggested that he speak. Bro[ther] Cannon said that Bro[ther] Roberts was not in harmony with the Presidency of the Church and that he should not call on him to speak. I disliked very much to lacking in charity, and uttered a silent prayer to the Lord that in case the position of brother Roberts, wherein he was not in accord with the Presidency was not right that he would give me a testimony of this by giving me such perfect liberty in my talk to the saints that none of the people would feel to be disappointed because of hearing me. ... I am pained to have a testimony that Bro[ther] Roberts is in the dark, but I fell that the Lord has

presidencies, etc.), unless of major historical significance, will not be included. Their omission will be indicated by ellipses.

given me one in the liberty which I have enjoyed in speaking this afternoon.

[Heber J. Grant, Diary]

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