130 years ago today - Jan 29, 1891

[Heber J. Grant]

[At apostles' meeting] President Lorenzo Snow. Said he was astonished to hear that Brother Joseph had ever imagined that he lacked confidence in him. When in the Saint George Temple the Lord had showed to him that Prest. Taylor should soon pass away and that Prest. Woodruff would be selected as the President of the Church and that Bro. Cannon would be his First and Brother

Smith his second Counselor. Had the most perfect confidence in brother Joseph and always had had. ...

After our meeting I had a very nice chat with Prest. Cannon and explained more fully that at the present time he had my perfect confidence and respect and that I loved him and was simply confessing my own sins at the time I spoke about my efforts to see that he did not get the position of Vice Prest. of Z.C.M.I. I expressed my great pleasure that he should be willing to be a Director of the Coop. Wagon and Machine Co. with me as the President. After our chat as we were starting away and shaking hands he leaned over and kissed me and I felt the tears of gratitude coming to my eyes as I returned the kiss. I hope and pray with all my hart that the day will never come again when I will lack confidence in any of my brethren.

[The Diaries of Heber J. Grant, 1880-1945, Abridged, Digital Edition Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

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