95 years ago today - Jan 30, 1926

President Heber J. Grant writes to a stake president regarding a letter he received from a "Brother Arthur Bradder making application for his Second Blessings. Second blessings are only given by the President of the Church upon recommendation of a member of the Council of the Twelve. At some time when one of the Apostles is in your stake, if he feels to properly recommend Brother Bradder, the matter will be taken under advisement." This signals a policy change which greatly curtails the performance of Second Anointings during Grant's administration making them extremely rare after 1930. According to Apostle George F. Richards, the policy change was a result of an incident in which a "brother had received his Second Blessings, [and] while speaking in a priesthood meeting in one of the Idaho stakes, told the brethren that they all should have their Second Blessings. Of course that was a serious infraction of the charge which he received when he had his Second Anointings; but I have never learned of any serious consequences to follow, except the action on the part of the Authorities, discontinuing the administration of these blessings in the Church."

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