185 years ago today - Jan 22, 1836

[Joseph Smith]

The Presidency then proceeded to consecrate the oil. We then laid our hands upon Elder Thomas B. Marsh who is the President of the 12 [Apostles] and ordained him to the authority of anointing his brethren. I then pour[eld the consecrated oil upon his head in the name of Jesus Christ and sealed such blessings upon him as the Lord put into my heart. The rest of the Presidency then laid their hands upon him and blessed him each in their turn beginning at the eldest. He [Elder Marsh] then anointed /and blessed/ his brethren from the oldest to the youngest. I also laid my hands upon them and pronounced many great and glorious [blessings] upon their heads. The heavens were opened and angels ministered unto US.

The 12 [Apostles] then proceeded to anoint and bless the Presidency of the 70 and seal upon their heads power and authority to anoint their brethren. The heavens were opened upon Elder Sylvester Smith and he leaping up exclaimed, "The Horsemen of Israel and the chariots thereof." Br[other] [Don] Carloss Smith was also annointed and blessed to preside over the High Priesthood....

The gift of toungs [tongues] fell upon us in mighty pow[e]r, angels mingled their voices with ours, while their presence was in our midst and unseasing pra[i]ses swelled our bosoms for the space of half an hour.

... We accordingly /closed/ our interview and returned home at about 2 o'clock in the morning. The spirit and visions of God attended me through the night.

[Faulring, Scott (ed.), An American Prophet's Record: The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith Diary, 1835-36, http://amzn.to/jsdiaries]

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