175 years ago today - 12 [Jan 1846]

[Brigham Young]

The remainder of the day I spent at the alter officiating in the ordinances of sealing -- In the evening Evan M. Greene: my clerk through sickness was compelled to retire from his labour Br. John D. Lee I appointed to take his place there being a few records to be kept sepperately & apart containing the first Sealings of the living & of Proxy of adoptions & also that of the 2nd anointings which I found to be quite a task for one man to perform therefore I employed Bro. Franklin D. Richard to assist in keeping those Records above aluded too- Such was the anxiety manifested by the Saints to receive the ordinances of Endowment & no less on our part to have them get the keys of the Priesthood- that I gave myself up entirely to the work of the Lord in the Temple almost night & Day I have spent not taking more than 4 hours upon an average out of 24 to Sleep- - - & but seldom ever allowing myself the the time & opportunity of going home once in a week---

[Brigham Young Journal # 4 in the handwriting of: William Clayton, Evan Greene, John D. Lee, Willard Richards. First person account kept by others. 'Lieut. Genl Brigham Young's Journal 1844']

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