175 years ago today - Jan 10, 1846

Two twelve year olds sealed together in Nauvoo Temple each married other spouses in Utah

"On about January 10, 1846, I was privileged to go in the temple… I was sealed to a lovely young girl named Mary, who was about my age, but it was with the understanding that we were not to live together as man and wife until we were 16 years of age. The reason that some were sealed so young was because we knew that we would have to go West and wait many a long time for another temple".

[Mosiah Lyman Hancock Autobiography (1834-1865), typescript, BYU-S; published version by Pioneer Press, Salt Lake City, undated, 20-21; Exploring Mormonism: Polygamy Timeline, http://www.exploringmormonism.com/polygamy-timeline/]

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