110 years ago today - Dec 7, 1911; Thursday

... Jacob F. Gates related the visit of his father to Oliver Cowdery in 1850, the occasion being a renewal of Oliver's covenants by baptism at the frontier. On this occasion Brother Gates is said to have asked Oliver what he had to say in reference to the Book of Mormon? Instead of answering directly Oliver went to the book case and took out a copy of the Book of Mormon and read the testimony of the three witnesses, and after doing so said, Jacob, every word I have read to you is true. Then Jacob is said to have asked Oliver how he could reconcile his position now with that testimony? Oliver answered that he could not reconcile it at all, and acknowledged that he had gone wrong, adding that at the time he did go wrong he had the spirit of murder in his heart, but he said he saw differently and repented. Jacob then asked him what he had to say about the visit to Joseph [Smith] and himself of Peter, James and John,--that is, did you actually see these personages, and did they really lay their hands on your head? Oliver answered in the most emphatic way, that he saw them and they laid their hands upon his head, just as naturally and as real as ever hands were laid upon the head of men.

President Smith, referring to the subject of the calling of Patriarchs, said he would like President Lyman and any of the brethren of the Apostles he might wish to have associated with him, to take up the question of a successor to the presiding patriarch, John Smith; and he would like then to go and talk personally with John's family, not with a view to selecting any one member of his family unless it be ascertained that he is worthy to act; and should it be found that neither of John's sons is capable and worthy for this position, it may be possible, President Smith said, that one of his grandsons may be found worthy and capable. As it is the duty of the Twelve to look after these evangelical matters, the President said he would like President Lyman and the Twelve to consider the matter of a successor to the Presiding Patriarch...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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