100 years ago today - Jan 25, 1913

DESERET NEWS favorably reviews "One Hundred Years of Mormonism," first commercial film about Mormons made with cooperation of church officials. The 6-reel, 90 minute silent film features one of Brigham Young's grandsons in role of his grandfather. During Joseph F. Smith's presidency, Hollywood produces other silent features which portray Mormonism less favorably: "A Trip to Salt Lake City" (1905), "The Mountain Meadows Massacre" (1912), "The Mormon" (1912), "Deadwood Dick Spoils Brigham Young" (1915), Cecil B. DeMille's "A Mormon Maid" (1917), and "The Rainbow Trail" (1918).

[Source: Advent Adam website (defunct) - based on http://amzn.to/originsofpower]

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