15 years ago today - 1/30/1998

[Same-Sex Marriage] Capitol Resource Institutes Assistant Director Randy Thomasson sends a memo to Loren C. Dunn thanking him "for your interest in considering funding a California ballot initiative to protect marriage. I am looking forward to receiving a phone call today from Marlin Jensen,..." The memo outlines several questions and suggests that a ballot initiative in California "will greatly increase the chances of winning in Hawaii, and will protect California at the same time. A California initiative would divert and dry up the sizable national resources of the opposition." It further suggests that if $1 million is spent to qualify an initiative for the ballot in California, gay-rights activists would throw away $10 million in a losing battle to fight it. "For these reasons, as well as the reasons outlined in my previous correspondence, I believe it would be very worthwhile and helpful to Hawaii (as well as California and the nation) for LDS leadership to fund a ballot initiative in California." Andy Pugno writes letter to BYU Prof Lynn Wardle on State Senator Pete Knight's letterhead asking Wardle to review the text for the proposed Prop 22 language. Specifically, Pugno asks if it's better to use "one man and one woman" or "a man and a woman" and also asks, "Is there a better way to draft the text of this initiative,

[Source: Mormons for Marriage: A Prop 8 Timeline, http://mormonsformarriage.com/?page_id=68]

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